Mortgage Information December 5, 2022

Mortgage Info from Ken Lee at Movement Mortgage

Published: December 05, 2022

Have a plan for buying in today’s rate market?

In today’s market, your plan to buy is just as important as your plan to reexamine the terms of your loan down the road.  We know that rates are higher than they have been for a few years now, but this is no reason to be on the sidelines if it is time for your to buy.  Economists are not anticipating this being a long-term reality.  We have already seen the rates begin to normalize and even start to fall from their peak in late October.  Now is the time to buy, and in doing so have the plan to improve your rate in the future when the market stabilizes.

There are several types of options to help you plan for the future of your loan, but it all starts with choosing the right lender first.  It is important in your planning to look at a lender that is going to service your transaction for the life of the loan because this will open up refinance options to you that a lender that sells your transaction will not have available to you when you need them.  When a lender is also your loan servicer, you often receive discounts or removal of all lender fees when you go to do a second transaction with that lender.

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