Uncategorized August 17, 2023

Our Local Hero’s

I am often given information about loan programs; many of those programs are so specific though that they are hard to promote.  However, I met with Connor Saulsbury;  an experienced loan officer with First Home Mortgage in Salisbury yesterday, and he told me of one I thought needed more of a push.

Buyers don’t have it easy right now.  The limited inventory and the higher (than a couple of years ago) interest rates are making it tough for them to get the home of their dreams.  Well for our local “Heroes”, this program may be just what helps them win the competition war in these multiple offer situations.  It’s called “First Home Heroes” and it eliminates certain lender fees for Buyers who are Firefighters, Police Officers, Teachers and or a Medical Professional.  This does not have to be your first home, just your primary home!!  Since you don’t have these fees, you keep more of your money and have more to bargain with 🙂

Click on the link below to find out more info and to get Connor’s contact info… It is only available at First Home Mortgage so call him today and get pre-qualified and then call me and I’ll set you up to search for your dream home!! So exciting!! Don’t delay, call today!!


Connor Saulsbury First_Home_Hero_Flyer_Individual_08162023_high