Buying & Selling August 26, 2022

Buy and Sell Now!! It’s a very good market for each!

Published: August 26, 2022

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home right now, it is a very good time to be jumping into the real estate market. So many people ask me if the interest rates have slowed us down and I quickly tell them “Heck No” cuz I am so busy showing Buyers homes and listing some great new properties! LOL Yes, the interest rates have made Buyers look at what they want to pay in a monthly payment and slightly adjust their max sales price potentially, but they are still excellent interest rates!!! And they can still get into an awesome home that they can own rather than paying the very high rental rates!! They can get what and where they want and make it their own!! Never has home ownership been more important than now when people are spending more time at home! Covid taught us some good lessons ( yes, it really did lol ) in that we now know that our home IS our castle and we live, love and thrive there!! So buying now is a good thing!

And as for Sellers…. if you still want to get a very good price for your home, now is a great time to sell!! I see properties go pending all the time that the values are better than a year ago and that was better than a year before that! So go for it!! Get those closets, attics and garages cleaned out and get ready to get great activity!! We are getting into the season where there are pumpkins on the porches and the yards are spiffed up with potted mums etc… Houses look cozy in the Fall and it’s traditionally a busy real estate selling season!!

So if you are thinking of Buying or Selling, as is with most things, don’t listen to the news!!!! LOL listen to those of us in the trenches so to speak!!! I live this everyday and I am happy to say, I am very busy with good Buyers and good Sellers!! Thanks to all for allowing me to help them in any way!! I truly appreciate YOU!!