Buying & Selling September 12, 2022

Why you need a Buyers Agent!

Published: September 12, 2022

Why do you need a Realtor?  I was thinking about this topic when I was deciding how to steer my discussion at a future Salisbury Neighborhood Housing Seminar.  This Seminar is for first time homebuyers, so their need for guidance is pretty clear, but really; Isn’t good real estate guidance necessary for everyone?  Would I diagnose and treat my own major illness?  Would I handle a tumultuous legal issue or set up my estate for my children and grandchildren?  heck no!!  Would you?  If not, then when making one; if not the most important financial decision in your life, wouldn’t you want an expert in your corner?  Someone to navigate all the documents, inspections, utilities, repairs etc and then sit next to you at the closing table and see the result of all your hard work come to a happy ending: you walking away with the keys to your new home!!  It’s an important investment!! No Realtor takes that lightly, especially not me!!

Guiding you through acquiring the pre approval and seeing how much you can afford, to figuring out what you want to be in the house…,  what time frame do you need to be in by,  where must the house be to fit your work or school distances, all this and more.

There’s no two words better suited than Welcome and Home!! Your Realtor can make that happen for you!  I have been lucky enough to sit at many a proud Buyers settlement table and nothing gives me more satisfaction than to see those joyful faces; sometimes even smiling thru happy tears, and knowing I have prepared them for a good journey of home ownership.